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Kristen Wheeler

Behavioral Technician

Meet Kristen!  Kristen has been with FBH as a Behavioral Technician since June 2022.  She has been in managmenet for the last 7 years and is currently in the middle of shifting her career path and obtaining her RBT license.  "I love how fulfilling it is to work at FBH. Getting the chance to be part of the reason someone gets to potentially live a better life through the skills we teach them is amazing. Seeing the growth and journey is so rewarding. The staff is also incredibly supportive and awesome to be around. This along with the smiling faces of the clients makes me look forward to going to work everyday! Its such A wonderful, healthy work environment."  In her spare time Kristen loves anythign crafty, lots of crocheting and painting.  Music is a must in her everyday life she also loves hiking, hula hooping and camping.  

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