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Inspire Vision

Family Behavioral Health’s Inspire Program

  • Aims to facilitate quality self-directed, personalized opportunities to learn and grow in whatever facets of life a person served would like to expand into.

  • To help each person served live a meaningful, fulfilling life with as much independence and joy as possible.


Inspire Change!

Knowing that options and opportunities are limited the Inspire program by FBH aims to provide an alternative option for service. A self-funded and self-directed model where schedules of services are identified and tailored to the needs of the individual served.

All learning opportunities provided are carefully tracked to indicate progress and are rooted in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Growth and progress will be tracked over time and goals can be tailored and modified to the changing needs of the person.

Services will be provided in small group settings- a ratio of no more than 1:4, to facilitate social opportunities in addition to personalized growth. Services are not mandated for 30-40 hours per week; a person has the option to choose a program that fits within their lifestyle and service needs to accommodate continued learning and balancing a personal schedule.


Inspire Program - Service Module Descriptions

Group of Friends

Social Leisure Skills:

 In this module participants will be paired with peers that will join them in exploring new activities that may spark their interest and help them fill their time. In this module we also work on social and interpersonal skills ranging from basic communication with others to perspective taking, problem solving, among others.


Continuing Education:

In this module we will assist with time management, organization, work planning, as well as  navigating feedback from coursework corrections for participants who would like to use public continuing education options such as taking a community class, obtaining a GED, participating in an online course, or practicing skills related to classroom behavior management.

Living skills:

Participants will practice tasks required for daily living. Skills practiced are individualized per person and could range  from; practice with personal hygiene, household chores, safety practices when living alone, cooking skills, time management practice, among other related skills


Community Skills:

Each person has their own needs when out in the community, in this module we will spend time outside of the center working on skills related to transportation, behavior management in non-preferred places, finding preferred community leisure locations and other related skills. 

Vocational/Employment Skills:

In this module participants will explore different types of employment activities and options. This can range from in center practice with a variety of vocational skills and community volunteer opportunities to resume building and job coaching for employment placement. 


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