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Leena Pariseau

Registered Behavioral Technican

Meet Leena!  Leena is a Registered Behavioral Technician and has been with FBH since April 2022.  Leena has 3 MTELs passed for teaching in Massachusetts and is currently in college to eventually obtain her BCBA credentials.  Lenna is a classically trainied musician, she sings and plays alto saxophone and oboe but can play every instrument.  She's a car enthusiast and loves to work on cars with her grandpa.  She loves going to car shows and competing.  She also loves showchoir and baking.  Leena loves FBH - "Not only is the atmosphere and environment super friendly and warm, but everyone is so inviting and it feels like a family. I'm never afraid to ask questions and if I am having a tough day I know someone can always help me perk up. I get to be my authentic self."

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