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Lissette Marquez

Behavioral Technician

Meet Lissette!  Lissette has been with FBH as a Behavioral Technician since June of 2022.  Before coming to FBH Lisette worked in the dental field as a dental assistant and administor for almost 15 years.  Her favorite specialty was always pediatric dentistry.  She is currently pursuing her associates degree in Human Services and am working towards obtaining her RBT credentials.  "My favorite thing about working at FBH, by far, is the children! Knowing that we’re helping them to achieve their best, while in a fun learning environment brings me joy and honestly doesn’t even feel like work. The smiles I see and giggles I hear daily are more than enough to brighten any moment.  I also really enjoy the friendly support that I receive from my coworkers and BCBA’s."  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, especially at the beach!  She's a leader in kid's ministry and loves her church community and volunteering with them as a family.  If she has any time left for herself she loves to read, paint, doing craftsor snuggling with her children.  

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